Fitting Guide

Fitting Guide

For this guide, you will need:
A fabric tape measure.
Your normal riding leg wear.
And if possible, a helpful friend.

We now have a very detailed blog with LOTS of pictures covering any measuring questions you might have. Click here to learn more.

Step 1 Getting Your Calf Size

With a straight leg, measure the widest part of the calf.
Do this for both legs as they may differ!
Write down your sizes in centimetres.

Step 2 Getting The Right Height

With a slightly bent leg, measure from the crease of the knee to the heel of the foot.
Write down the length in centimetres.

Step 3 Picking The Right Boot

Taking your calf and height measurements, simply write down your foot size and you have all you need.
It will look something like this:
Calf: 33
Height: 43
Foot: 5 (or 38 Euro)
You can now take these measurements and compare them against our size guides to get your perfect fit.