Important update on our made to measure service.

Important update on our made to measure service.

Hi everyone, Simon from The Riding Boot Co here. Please see below for our new made-to-measure update.

The made-to-measure update.

Starting Monday (17/09/18), we will be limiting made-to-measure orders to one per day. That means there will be only one opportunity to use our made-to-measure service per day (not per person).


We have decided to take this step as our goal from day one has been to offer the best customer service and experience possible. We're totally focused on making sure people get the boots of their dreams and an experience to match.

But what does this have to do with limiting orders? Well, we have been growing super fast as a company over the past year. The only downside to this growth is that the time we can spend with each customer is slowly shrinking.

With us being this busy we are worried that our customers experience won't be to the level that we usually provide - and that's just not acceptable to us.

After thinking this through we decided that we had to come up with a solution. Many said that we should just keep growing and hiring people, but that's not why we're here and we don't want to become another giant faceless online company.

So after some hard thinking, we have come to a decision (and it's really quite simple). We are going to limit orders to a level where we can still offer the standard of service and customer experience that we feel happy with. 

What about off the shelf boots?

This does not affect off the shelf items (items not made to measure). You are free to order our standard items without any restrictions.

So how will it work with made to measure orders moving forward?

Firstly, don't panic. There will plenty of opportunities to get your order in. 

There will be a banner at the top of each page showing whether we can still take an order that day or not. The order counter will reset at midnight every day (including weekends & bank holidays), so we will still be allowing 7 made to measure orders per week.

We are also allowing people to order multiple made to measure items per order. We are simply limiting the number of orders (rather than than the number of boots).

For those wondering why we can still accept multiple boots per order - they will generally be the same size and therefore a lot less time consuming.

As always, we welcome any feedback and would love to hear everyone's thoughts. This is a trial run for us and we may switch things back if people bring the pitchforks out. We hope not though and we hope everyone understands the philosophy behind our choices. 

Thank you for your time,

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